We do understand the seriousness of the problem and we want to prepare you to meet it face to face. The preparation will include several stages:
Creation of discipline and culture of storage and savings of funds by completing challenges.
Development of such financial skills as budgeting, investing, financial decision making and much more.
Acquiring experience and knowledge from Sparq experts as well as co-creating a financial database that will be easy understandable and available for all millennials.
In addition to preparation, each of you will need the proper equipment and tools to engage the enemy.
Prepaid card - as a main tool for completing challenges and your trustworthy weapon Analytic tools for gathering information for the battle and for convenient and fast data processing.
In order to achieve the needed level of success we will need a precise plan of action and to track the performance of our company.
As the plan of action we use our Qsystem section so that everybody could always understand on which stage of development the company is right now.
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Frequently Asked Questions
This is a unique status that is only available for the first users of Sparq. As an early adopter, you will be able to build a closer relationship with the company and take part in the development of the project. As a community-based company, we want to build our product by taking our customers’ values and feedback into consideration. Early-adopter status will be awarded by applying for the early-adopter pack, and it will give you lifetime access to our elite ranks of early adopters. Alongside this status, during future development stages, you will also receive benefits, such as additional Qpoint generation, multipliers and boosts, badges and items for your profile, and voting rights during the development of the product.
In order to create the perfect product, we decided to break our project development into different production stages. Currently, we’re in the beta stage and will be allowing a limited number of users to access the application in order to validate the project and gather feedback about our idea. When the company reaches certain milestones—which includes the number of registered users, financial rounds closed, Qpoints sold, and certain time stages met—the company will advance to the next stage of development. By collecting feedback from users, we will make sure each following stage is necessary and delivers functionality that our users truly want.
A unique analytics tool that will allow users to take full control of their finances and monitor all of their expenses. Taking full advantage of the following tool will ensure the user is always aware of their financial health status and that their monthly balance is moving in the right direction. Monitoring everyday expenses, managing active subscriptions, tracking utility payments and covering all of the existing obligations will help you optimize your financial lifestyle.
A personal finance platform is a unique technology that allows users to take their finances to a whole new level. Categorize your spending, manage your subscriptions, complete financial challenges to earn Qpoints, make free European payments, earn special rewards, offers and challenges from our partner companies, improve your financial literacy, and be a part of Sparq’s financial community! All of these are current features of Sparq, and many more will be available by the end of the development stage.
The following financial model allows the majority of our customers to gain access to our product for free, while the premium version generates enough funds through the purchase of the Sparq Pass to cover the usage costs of all other users. Although some of the functions of Sparq will be behind the paywall of the premium version, the main tools will be available to all of the users, regular and premium.
One of the main goals for our company is to make a fully automated product that will help our users to create the best financial analytics experience. Step by step, we will develop our product into a tool that will evaluate your monthly financial status without your interference. Firstly, the analytics tool will use user-generated information, which should be entered manually in order to track everything. However, as our company develops, by using a data-driven approach, we will be able to upgrade to a functional and automatic AI that analyzes all of the data by itself and presents the user with a personalized report based on their expenses. Although functionality is extremely important, we want to develop a unique user experience for Millennials that will allow them to enjoy the manual aspects of the tool.